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$1001/2 oz

ON SALE WAS $140 H/O & $250 OZ NOW $100 H/O – ZUCHI ZELATTI SKOOKUM DESCRIPTION – Pucker up those lips and get smoochy with Zuchi. This stellar pheno of our infamous Zelatti cut is not to be missed. This one’s a bit heavier on the Zuchi side, but its Gelatti lineage still comes through loud and proud. Wonderfully aromatic and incredibly pleasant to puff on, this bumpin’ hybrid is guaranteed to make a lasting impression. Another fresh and funked-up selection from the seafaring scallywag known as Captain Ron. If you’re not familiar with his work by now, you should be. Dude’s got the Midas touch, and this shining example of top-shelf gear is no exception. Beautifully grown in a thriving aquaponic setup before undergoing an extended cold cure. Buds are mid-sized, fairly dense and thoroughly dusted in trichomes. The nose on this stuff is phenomenal. Pungent, with an underlying cereal milk quality. Lovely top notes of fuel and fresh-cut grass against a sweet cream and citrus backdrop. Liven up your next session with a supremely flavourful smoking experience. We’re talking eyebrow-raising terps here, folks. First-class smoothness all the way through. Burns to fluffy light-grey ash. Finding the perfect stone ain’t easy. It can’t always be sunshine and lollipops, nor should it be only moonlight and lullabies. Any toker worth their salt knows that keeping a dependable, jack-of-all-trades cultivar on hand is essential to a well-curated stash. Rolling in like the tide, the high builds and builds until there’s no question that you’re good ’n’ lifted. A compelling blend of feel-good euphoria and deeply soothing vibes to put you smack dab in the middle of the moment. Don’t miss out, grab a tin and get yourself properly blissed out.


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